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You have an answer for everthing you wonder about Operational leasing and Fleetcorp’s advantages here.

Any type of company can benefit from our operational leasing products.
Any number of vehicles including a single one can be leased.
We provide leasing options for all types of passenger and light commercial vehicles in any brand. (Under the condition that the load limit of the vehicle is under 3,5 tones) But the commercial vehicle will only be leased if customer complies with the procedures.
The contract term can range from 18 months to 48 months. We can provide you a suitable solution for any term in this interval under the condition that the total mileage made at the end of the contract is not above 150,000 km.
We provide maintenance, repair, 7/24 road side assistance service, replacement vehicle and insurance to the vehicles varying with service level agreement.
In case Fleetcorp and the client agree on the conditions, your vehicles are purchased and it provides your company cash flow. Fleet management is conducted by Fleetcorp and your vehicles are leased.
Logo -dressing transactions are supposed to be recorded on licence of the vehicle.
You can make your vehicles serviced only in Authorized Services.
Fleetcorp is differentiated from its competitors for its Online Reporting tool, the first mobile application for smart phones (iFleet).
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