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Access and use of the website http://www.fleetcorp.com.tr (“Site”), including the content, services and software that are provided in this site, is subject to the terms of use indicated below. By accessing or using the information provided in the Site you are considered to have accepted the terms listed below.

Without the written consent of Fleetcorp Operasyonel Taşıt Kiralama ve Turizm A.Ş. ("Fleetcorp"), you may not distribute, change, copy, transmit, view, reuse, duplicate, publish, license, derive any content, transfer, sell or use the content of the Site in any other way.

You may not use the Site for sending any virus, Trojan horse, spyware or any other computer code, file or software that is harmful and spreading, or for capturing any hardware, software or means or monitoring their uses. You may not use the Site for violating the other’s legal rights or gathering and keeping the personal identification data of the Site's other users.

You may not restrict and prevent others to use the Site, or intervene or alter the operation of the Site, or the servers or webs used to enable the Site, or violate the requirements, routines or configurations of such webs. Fleetcorp draw attention that accessing, intervening, manipulating its operation to the Site fraudulently, and adding data falsely are such crimes that require punishment in accordance with the law.

The Site is generally open for use 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. However, Fleetcorp reserves its right to prevent accessing to this Site time to time. Fleetcorp is not responsible for being cut off from accessing the Site, and for any damages that could arise from temporary or permanent closure of the Site. Access to the Site is free. Cost of access and of the use of telecommunication network is the sole responsibility of the Site’s users.

Fleetcorp may not be held responsible for any damage to technical media, hardware, software, network equipment or to other accessories, due to the use of the Site by users, or elements out of its own control. Fleetcorp reserves its indemnification rights for its pecuniary or non-pecuniary damages because of violation of the terms of use indicated below.

Connections to Third Party Site

The site may provide links to those sites that are not configured, operated by Fleetcorp, or whose ownership does not belong to Fleetcorp, and give access to such sites. Such links are provided only for your making use of. Fleetcorp is not responsible for the content or confidentiality principles or safety of such sites, and has no control on them.

Fleetcorp does not support the existing content or products or services in other sites. When linked to such sites, it shall be under your own responsibility and without the consent of Fleetcorp.

Intellectual Rights

Particularly essays, scripts, photographs, samples, data, music, video, other graphical material, names, logos, trademarks, and service marks provided in the Site, all information and data published are the property of Fleetcorp, and are protected by legislations of trademarks, copy rights, and other relevant intellectual rights.

You may download or printout the information, data and material in the Site only for your personal usage without any commercial purpose.

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