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advantage operational leasing


You may prevent the sudden cash outflow in your balance sheet, and also control and minimize your expenses related to your vehicles by turning over the management of your fleets to Fleetcorp’s Professionals by operational leasing.

Operational Advantages

The key operational benefits of operational leasing are outlined as follows:

  • It allows you to concentrate on your core business activities by reducing the time spent on fleet management.
  • You do not need to employ a fleet management team as Fleetcorp will provide you
  • There is no risk in second hand vehicle sales because of the volatile in vehicle market.
  • You have flexible vehicle usage period and milage related to your business requirements.
  • You can utilize Fleetcorp expertise in car policy, vehicle acquisition, funding, all periodic maintenance, insurance and disposal of the vehicles.
  • Mandatory legal documentation is followed up by Fleetcorp

Financial Advantages

Operational fleet leasing enables your company to benefit from economies of scale by providing:

  • You pay only what you use
  • You may register the leasing payments directly under operational cost item in P/L statement and hence, decrease your tax base compared to investment spending for vehicle purchase.
  • You take advantages for accounting records, as the vehicles will not be registered under your company's fixed asset book.
  • You can reduce the total cost of ownership by choosing operational leasing instead of purchasing.
  • Your fleet costs can be budgeted with reasonable accuracy.
  • No vehicle ownership required, therefore you do not have no capital expenditure.
  • All operational expenses will be stated only in one invoice.
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