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All the questions, comments, suggestions or all other such communication or material that you have transferred to the Site shall be assumed as confidential information. E-mails or other messages you sent are not encoded or not secured in any other way. You are considered to have accepted that Fleetcorp is not in charge of protecting all these data. By using the Site, you acknowledge and warrant that all information submitted during the use of the Site is and will be accurate, correct and complete, and that you will update such information by controlling them in regular intervals. In the event that any information you provide is erroneous, incomplete, unusable or incorrect, you shall be considered having accepted in advance that we will terminate your usage right of the Site.

Descriptive Information

For enabling users to access the Site easily, some descriptive information is used. Descriptive information is small text files placed in the user's driver by the web server. Site Users agree that they are aware of such application, and authorize Fleetcorp for using such practice. If requested, descriptive information may be deactivated by users through web server settings.


Fleetcorp reserves, any time and time to time, temporarily or permanently, to be valid completely or partially, with or without notifying, to change or close down the Site, services or software; to update and amend the content of the Site, to limit the access to the Site with any person that Fleetcorp may choose, with any geographic region or legal authorization; to demand fee for usage of the Site; to change and/or revoke fees designated for the Site and/or to provide opportunities to some or all users of the Site. For following such changes, it is advisable that you should review the information given through the Site in regular intervals.

Fleetcorp may not be held responsible for any damage arising from any virus, Trojan horse, spyware to technical media, hardware, software, network equipment or to other accessories, due to the use of the Site by users, or elements out of its own control.

Any information in the Site or provided through the Site should not be taken as a suggestion in any way whatsoever. Fleetcorp does not guarantee that such information is accurate, complete and regular. Therefore, users are advised to get such information attested before acting relying on the information obtained from the Site. Fleetcorp may not be held responsible for incompleteness and inaccuracy of such information in any way whatsoever. Fleetcorp does not give any guarantee and acknowledgement regarding the accuracy, completeness and up to date of such information provided.

Should you like to make use of one or more of the services and/or products in the Site, we recommend you to contact to Fleetcorp for obtaining information on prices and terms of contract applicable for those product/products or those service/services.

Access to products and services provided in the Site may be subject to some limitations concerning to certain persons or countries. Fleetcorp may not provide any product and/service to such persons, if prohibited by the laws of relevant country. It is your responsibility to check whether the applicable law allows you to make use of products and services provided in the Site.

Applicable Law and Settlement of Conflicts

The conditions described under "Legal Warnings" herein are subject to Turkish Legal Statute. In case of any conflict regarding the conditions in question, Istanbul Central Courts and Execution Offices have jurisdiction in settling such conflicts.

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