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fleet leasing service


Fleetcorp's flexible system offers wide choice of duration and mileage solutions. Fleetcorp, through its creative and talented structure, custom made content and high service quality, enables you to choose the best. Are you ready to discover beyond routine leasing services?


It includes all operational leasing services such as maintenance, repairment in only authorized services, tyres, motor and indemnity insurance, replacement vehicles, 7/24 road assistance service 444 3 FCT (328)


The mileage and duration details about the leased vehicles are analyzed by using Online Reporting tool during the contract period and the customer is informed about the process. The contract period and duration may be revised if necessary in case the two parties agree on the new conditions so that you are not supposed to pay penalties related to limit excess and may minimize your fleet costs.


In addition to Classic Package, it includes Online Reporting Service. .


Fleetcorp handles all after sales operations, insurance procedures and second hand sales of your fleet. It is a common option especially for commercial vehicle fleets.


All elements related to your vehicles such as purchasing prices, operational expenses, financial costs, second hand costs are determined transparently for pricing. Throughout the agreement period, Fleetcorp and the client together create economic value based on productivity and well management by minimizing all possible costs. The added-value is shared by both parties at the end of the contract period.


Different service levels such as Bronze, Silver, Gold and VIP are designed in line with customer needs and requirements.


The easiest way to release your cash invested in the vehicles. Fleetcorp purchases your vehicles with immediate cash and lease them back to you.

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