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Flexible Mileage and Duration

Does your fleet adapt to your needs?

Fleetcorp leading the way in operational leasing market with its investments on technology has been serving exclusive service to its customers with its flexible mileage and duration product.

- Fleetcorp customers are informed about the vehicle usage proportions periodically via Online Reporting tool.

- In case the conditions (mileage and duration) stated in leasing contract are estimated to go above or below the conditions, Fleetcorp offers to revise the contract provisions.

- In case the two parties agree on the updated conditions, the leasing price is recalculated and the statements are revised.



- In line with your needs, you may change the mileage and duration of your fleet stated in your leasing contracts so that you are not supposed to pay penalties related to limit excess

- Only pay for what you use. In case your needs go beyond the conditions stated in your contracts, you are not supposed to pay the service cost that you do not use.

- You are not restricted to your contract statements so that you may minimize your fleet costs during the contract periods.   


The number on your contracts may be changed in line with your needs and demands.

Meet the most flexible way of operational fleet leasing!


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